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Prince Court Suites Services

Experience convenience and completeness of a hotel in one at Prince Court Suites-Cebu. From your arrival and as you leave, you are guaranteed with fast and secured stay with our computerized billing system. We are happy to make your stay extra-quality as our every room is equipped with cable television, telephone access; to our 24/7 front office and for outgoing calls, fully air-conditioned rooms and no brownout accommodation. For VIP's, we provide rooms with garages.
Both theme and adventure rooms are prepared with dinette table for a more private dining moments. Stay fresh and be refreshed with our bathrooms that are paired with complete personal amenities.


  1. Theme /Adventure Rooms
  2. Fully Air-conditioned Rooms
  3. Cable TV
  4. Local Telephone Service
  5. Hot & Cold Shower
  6. Free Personal Amenities:
    •Toilet Tissue, Soap, Shampoo, Toothpaste ,Toothbrush & Bath Towels
  7. 24-hour room service on F&B
  8. Individual Garage Room

Hotel Rates

  3 hrs 12 hrs 24 hrs
Taxi Room Php 375.00 Php 650.00 Php 860.00
VIP Room Php 480.00 Php 860.00 Php 1,080.00
Supersaver Promo (Monday - Thursday 4am - 4pm)
Taxi Room Php 199.00
VIP Room Php 350.00
Adventure Rooms
Yellow Cab Boxer Pop Arts
Hard Court Cable Car Workshop
Fisherman's Wharf Golf Tinseltown
Rooftop Airplane Music Den
Chamber Flinstone Vinta
Alley Yatch Circa 1930
Western Combat Fire Fighter
Pirates Helicopter Motown
Submarine Titanic Rallye
Gym Filling Station Graphic
Cowboys Rennaissance Planet Hollywood
Soda pop Atlantis Farmyard
Subway Fiesta Sports
Dungeon Island Frankenstein
Grandprix Expedition Art Deco
Recycle Rainforest Carribean
Junkyard Moon Chessboard
Staircase Galactic Playhouse
Garden House Gardenia Black & White

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